If you’re looking for a place to embrace and celebrate sexuality, you’ve come to the right site. My name is Jean Franzblau – international seminar leader, coach and activist. In my own life I had lost connection to my sexuality – I felt sad and angry. My turning point came when I realized that my sexuality is vitally important to me. From there I began making choices that honored and respected this amazing part of myself. I’m here to share this knowledge with you! Below you’ll find lots of free resources. The menu above provides information about shows, workshops and coaching. Go ahead and dig in!

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Three Major Traps Women Fall Into That Keep Them  Sexually Dissatisfied:

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3 Dangerous Blunders People Curious About S&M Make (and How to Avoid Them):

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Three Mistakes People Make Every Day That Keep Them Starved for Touch (and How to Stop):

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Tip #2 for Sexual Esteem

Do you live with sexual shame? Can you imagine letting it go? Join me @CatalystCon 9/12 @4:30pm http://catalystcon.com/schedule/ #SexualEsteem   read more

Rave Reviews

Jean created a warm and open atmosphere that fostered not only learning and discussing, but also connecting with other participants and sharing perspectives. Since the workshop, I’ve now been able to extend the same acceptance and knowledge that Jean modeled with other curious individuals in my life. I hope to attend future workshops with Jean so that I can learn and explore more!

M.S. - Los Angeles

Jean’s workshop was part of the curriculum this year for the L.A. Academy of Sex Education. She created a non-judgmental environment for questions, experimentation and fun. We’ll have her back!

Elle Chase

Director of Education / Sex, Sensuality and Body Image Coach, Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education