The Real Sex Ed

The Real Sex Ed is an information-packed session that helps people navigate sexual choices with topics including safer sex, consent, decisions about substances, communication skills and sexual diversity. More than half of the states in the U.S. don’t require public schools to teach sex education. Yet studies reveal that comprehensive sex ed helps young people adopt healthy sexual behaviors. In a welcoming, LGBTQ inclusive environment, Jean Franzblau helps people initiate the (at times) awkward conversations necessary to make informed sexual decisions.

“It opened up my eyes and made me want to go home and do a lot of research.” -Student

Session length: 70 minutes + Q&A

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Check out this video of Jean teaching The Real Sex Ed.

Participants will:

  • Develop safer sex communication skills
  • Detail the meaning and power of consent
  • Explore how alcohol impacts good decision-making
  • Discover sex-positive attitudes about their sexuality and others’

Alternative topics will allow attendees to:

  • Describe what rape culture is and how they can change it
  • Clarify the meaning of gender fluid and transgender
  • Map the anatomy of the sexual organs
  • Include an awareness of pleasure as an important part of sexual expression
  • Craft their own questions with a candid Q&A

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Sex Ed for Women (What Mom Forgot to Tell You)

Sex Ed for Women is an eye-opening, inforSEX_ED_For_Women_Update_V1mative talk. Students learn the common misunderstandings about female sexuality and explore safety, consent, anatomy and empowerment. Research tells us that comprehensive sex education for women has positive outcomes such as decreased pregnancies and improved sexual health. In a welcoming, LGBTQ inclusive environment, Jean Franzblau helps female identified students initiat
e the (at times) awkward conversations necessary to make informed sexual decisions. Jean guides the class in memorable lessons and powerful conversations so they can up-level their knowledge, self-awareness and confidence. With her background as a writer and performing artist, Franzblau created the solo show “Coming Out Kinky – A Grown Up Comedy” which she has performed in cities across the country. Jean has pre
sented at the sexuality conference Catalyst Con and has been the guest on numerous sex educational radio shows. She provides workshops and coaching on sexual esteem and women’s empowerment and has delivered presentations in eight countries for groups of up to three hundred people. Jean graduated cum laude with a BA in communications from UCLA.

“A powerful opportunity to connect with women on the most vulnerable subject that concerns us.” -Student

Session length: 70 minutes + Q&A

Students will:

  • Describe the safety and consent elements that allow women to release their vigilance
  • Be able to diagram their genitals with confidence
  • Recognize and celebrate the fierce and tender power of female sexuality
  • Learn what they can do to create a safer and more gender positive campus
  • Alternative topics will allow students to:
    Learn to ask for what they want (and don’t want) sexually
  • Own and celebrate their pleasure – responsibly
  • Understand the diverse world of LGBTQ sexuality
  • Describe what rape culture is and how they can change it
  • Craft their own questions with a candid Q&A

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Cuddle Sanctuary: The Power of Healthy, Human Touch

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This one-of-a-kind session helps students acknowledge and nourish their human needs for touch – independent of sex. For adults, touch deprivation is linked to measurable increases in stress, sleep problems, a compromised immune system and cardiovascular disease. That’s why getting a regular dose of “Vitamin T” is a powerful weapon in one’s arsenal for good health. In a welcoming, inclusive environment, Jean Franzblau will explore the science of human touch and how to find safe avenues for nonsexual cuddling. She will also detail the essential communication skills and boundary setting involved. There will be lively discussions, optional exercises and a Q&A. Franzblau is the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary – the touch positive workshop and social experience in Los Angeles. Her work is inspired by her personal experience making better choices in her sex life when her needs for human touch were met.

“You kind of had to have been there to understand how truly awesome this was.” -Student

Session length: 70 minutes + Q&A


Students will:

  • Learn the symptoms of touch deprivation and how to combat them
  • Clarify the need for touch – independent of sex
  • Practice the communication skills necessary for being a safe cuddle partner
  • Discover how to set and honor boundaries

Alternative topics will allow students to:

  • Study more in-depth communication exercises
  • Role play advanced boundary setting scenarios
  • Experience a real Cuddle Sanctuary workshop
  • Craft their own questions with a candid Q&A

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Coming Out Kinky – A Grown Up Comedy (show)

ComingOut_KinkyThis 70 minute performance follows one adventurous woman’s curious exploration of her sexuality. When she was a little girl, Jean Franzblau believed that sex must be bad and made the impossible commitment to never be sexual. The show tracks her unusual path of exploration as she discovers that sex is a natural and wonderful part of the human experience. Franzblau portrays some twenty characters in this adventure story for curious and open-minded adults to enjoy.

What does the show’s title mean?
The title of the show was inspired by a coming out conversation Jean had with her mom.
Is it appropriate for young adults?
Audience members from the preview performance have said, “I want my daughter to see this.”

“I witnessed many students express the validation they felt by Jean’s story – they surrounded her after the performance and had both questions and stories of their own to tell her!” -Rita Lawrence, Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator, University of Florida

Coming Out Kinky has female empowering, sex-positive messages including learning to make good choices and trusting the wisdom of one’s own body. Young women will recognize themselves as Jean finds solid footing across the uneven terrain of sexual experimentation and expression. The show is certainly Rated R – which is why we call it “a grown up comedy.”

Session length: 70 minutes + Q&A

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