A Workshop for Healthy Touch and Communication

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Monthly Saturday Night Cuddle (Valentine’s Cuddle, 2/13!)

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Facilitator Training Program – May 2016 (limited enrollment)

Touch is vital to mental, physical, and emotional health; it heals, invigorates, creates connection, and builds community. The Cuddle Sanctuary workshop is a guided experience that includes a welcome circle, breath-work, gentle movement, communication exercises and cuddle etiquette. The event culminates in a voluntary “cuddle lab.” Touch is always consensual and never a requirement to participate. Medical benefits can include decreased stress, a boost for your immune system, improved heart health and a better night’s sleep.  You may also experience greater compassion and a lightness of heart. Learn about our Los Angeles events here. Stay in touch with us on our Facebook page. We also offer Cuddle Sanctuary Private Sessions.


I am a happily single woman not particularly looking for or shunning relationship, but very aware that in this state I am human touch deprived.  Jean’s Cuddle Sanctuary provides an opportunity to receive and give close contact touch in a safe uncomplicated environment that takes the sting of expectation out of it allowing warmth and well-being to come in.

Karen Aschenbach

Creative Process Coach, Director

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Rave Reviews

Cuddle Sanctuary rocks! Jean does such an amazing job of holding a safe space, encouraging safe and nourishing touch, involving every participant at the level at which each feels comfortable and she makes it fun, joyful, and playful throughout.

Brett C Rhodes LCSW