Having honed her craft leading hundreds of workshops, trainings and presentations across the U.S. and abroad, Jean will tailor the presentation to meet the special needs of your event.

Jean’s events are the best way to teach consent that I’ve ever seen. And so much fun!

Maya Novak-Herzog,

Education Coordinator - , UC Santa Cruz

The first thing I learned is that it’s okay to talk about this stuff! What I liked is that Jean was very interactive with the audience.


Student, The Real Sex Ed

You kind of had to have been there to understand how truly awesome this was.”


Student, Cuddle Sanctuary

Jean was extremely flexible in meeting the demands of our large campus. I witnessed many students express the validation they felt by Jean’s story – they surrounded her after the performance and had both questions and stories of their own to tell her! For colleges working to fill the deficit of knowledge about healthy sexuality brought about by abstinence-only sex education and the rape culture we live in, I recommend Jean as a resource!

Rita Lawrence

Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator, University of Florida

Jean’s workshop was part of the curriculum this year for the L.A. Academy of Sex Education. She created a non-judgmental environment for questions, experimentation and fun. We’ll have her back!

Elle Chase

Director of Education / Sex, Sensuality and Body Image Coach, Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education

Jean created a warm and open atmosphere that fostered not only learning and discussing, but also connecting with other participants and sharing perspectives.


Student, Course on Sexual Identity